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          • Digital photographs of home or construction site
          • House preparation for your arrival
          • Utility control monitoring (heat, a/c)
          • Visual inspection of home for: plumbing leaks,    
             broken windows, roof leaks, rain/wind damage
          • Security checks: windows, doors, alarms, lights
          • Mail/parcel retrieval
          • Water plants, container gardens


The following are just some of the items that are checked during each visit to your home. These services will help keep your home in good condition all year. 
Contact Us
Contact Us

This service is also available to provide additional peace of mind. A small monthly cost provides you with local, on-call service 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

You no longer need to worry about frozen pipes or your alarms. 

Domus VI can be listed as the local contact for emergency or alarm response. We can then provide access for the police department, fire department or other emergency service if needed.

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