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Domus VI LLC

Post Office Box 139
Washington Depot, Connecticut

Telephone: (860) 619 - 0707

You like 'things' a certain way; we're particular too. 
We're particular about meeting every single one of 
your needs. 
We take pride, just as you do, in your home and property. We really do. 
Your way is our way. Giving you meticulous, high quality care every visit, every service from the smallest jobs to the largest properties. 
Relax and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your 
needs are well-tended to.
Because our staff is available 7 days a week 
to answer any questions and 
ensure you're 100% satisfied.
And we'll always call you right back.
It's suprising how much everyone benefits from 
quick and responsible communication.

And we, too, have a 'thing' about always, always, always, arriving on-time. It's what we do. 
Your Home, Our Passion

 HIC# 0633590